Iceberg Principle

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Definition that in many (if not most) cases only a very small amount (the 'tip') of information is available while the 'real' information or bulk of data is either unavailable or hidden. The principle gets its name from the fact that only about 1/10 of an iceberg is seen while about 9/10 of it is unseen, deep down in water.

2.sales and marketing- human's needs and desires lies underneath his/her personalities instead of being on the surface, so when it comes to advertising a product or service, this principle must be taken into consideration
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3.literature- Hemingway is famous for the writing style"iceberg principle" that is used in his stories, such as The Old Man and Sea.
In literature, "iceberg principle" is a writing style as what Hemingway himself explained in chapter 16 of his 1932 book, Death in the Afternoon. He said that by omitting certain parts of a story, a writer actually strengthens that story. The writer must be conscious of these omissions and be writing true enough in order for the reader to sense the omitted parts. When the reader senses the omitted parts, a greater perception and understanding for the story can be achieve.

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4. psycho and logic-the "iceberg principle" here means we human beings can be divided into two levels: subject-logic level and emotional level which is invisible. According to the iceberg principle, the subject-logic level (strategy, structures, processes and functions) amounts for 10% of the overall human capacity, and the cultural level (relationship processes, social skills, attitude and motivation)makes up for 90%.


1.sales and marketing
When people try to promote their products and service, customs comes first. In order to sell those products, companies should bear the "iceberg principle" in mind and meet the consumers' needs.

It is a writing style. when one studies the great works of Hemingway, to understand how he weave his words and plot on the basis of this principle will help one to better understand his works.

3.working places
In an organization, in order to mobilize workers and let them to play to the full their potential, those two levels should be both taken into consideration.