Grading of Wiki Pages

The following chart shows the categories and scales of the elements for your grade on the Wiki assignment. This may or may not be your Final Grade, depending on any additional marks you may receive for extra work.

Sources & Citations
Use of citations within text; adequate use of sources, including selectivity of academic over general sources; sufficient external links with preference to .edu sites
Breadth of Content
Definition and introductory comments; division of elements and use of headings; description of terms/concepts including examples; additional materials that would inform the topic
Format & Layout
Use of headings, division of sections clearly identified; additional images, lists and other media; balance of "white space" and use of font size; other features that assist navigating the page (such as Table of Contents)
Spelling & Grammar
Attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar

Final Score:

Grading Concerns

I realize that several students are concerned about Final Grades. The Wiki page evaluation concerns only the individual page evaluations and DOES NOT include any additional content provided for extra marks. Time does not permit any revision and regrading to this evaluation. Those intending to continue their studies overseas should realize the degree of academic performance required of Western undergrad and graduate coursework.

Additional writing and western university preparatory advice can be obtained through, where I can be subsequently contacted.


Welcome to Your New Writing Wiki!

Many students are familiar with Wikipedia (and are even inclined to use it as a source for their research writing) but may not realize that a Wiki is simply a collaborative environment to build and share information. This site will introduce you to the process of wiki writing and offer you the opportunity to contribute to building an information environment on "aspects and issues in academic writing."
Your assignment for this term is to contribute a page in the wiki on any aspect of writing, from grammar to style to advice.


Getting Started

  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on this page.
  • To change your wiki's colors or theme, click on Manage Wiki and Look and Feel.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.

Extra Marks

Students will receive extra grade for modifying this section with helpful information on how to use the wiki.

How to Put a Photo in a wikiHow Article

1.Click on the Edit tab at the top of the article you chosen.
2.Click on the "Add Image to Steps" button.
external image 500px-Scrnsht0126114_719.png

3.Choose the step that you want to add the picture to.
external image 500px-Scrnsht0126115_614.png

4.Click the "Browse" button to upload a photo you have saved on your computer.
external image 500px-Scrnsht0126116.png

  1. 5
5.Alternatively, you can search for photos we already have permission to use on Flickr and Wikimedia.
external image 400px-Scrnsht0307114_445.png

  1. 6
Determine the size, layout and caption of the image.
    • To adjust the size of an image, click on "Manual" and move the slider from side to side.

    • By default, images are placed to the right of text and sized at 250 pixels.

    • Add a caption, if desired. It will appear beneath the image.
external image 475px-Add_image3.png

7.Click on Insert File to add the image code to the Edit page of your article.
  • A dialog box will indicate that your code was added.

  • Code used to display your image is beneath the image.
external image 475px-Add_image4.png

8Click on Done to return to the Edit page of your article.
  • Note that the code has been added to the beginning of a chosen step.

  • While editing, avoid changing the code.
external image 475px-Add_image6.png

9Click on Preview, at the bottom of a page, to review your changes.
10Write a note in the Edit Summary, at the bottom of the article, to clarify your edit.
11Click on Publish, at the bottom of a page, to save your changes.

Edit Tab
Link Icon
External Link Tab

Type in text you want people to read and click on in the “Link Text” box
Copy and paste web address (URL) into “Address” box
Check “New Window” box
Click “Add Link”

Embedding Video into a Wikispaces wikiThese are the instructions of how to embed a video from a video sharing site such as Google Video or YouTubes into a Wikispaces wiki.




1. Always remenber to save you page in time when you are onging a long time editing.
2. The editing fomat of Wiki is campliant to Microsoft word, and you may finish your page in Microsoft word first and then paste them here in Wiki.
3. Can't find your page in the mass? The search function on the up-left will help.
4. If you want to check your record about your wiki. Click the button "HISTORY".

Insert horizontal rules to make your wiki more organized and clear:
1. Put your crusor between two different sections
2. Click the botton "insert horizontal rule"
botton.jpg the third botton on the picture left

3. Different sections will be divided by a grey line as follow:


How to change the font of your article in your page?

  1. Make sure you have already logged in by your username. Then you’ll have permission to edit your page.
  2. Go to your page and click “edit”.
  3. Then you can see the tool bar.
  4. 123.jpg

4. After finishing editing, click t.jpg on the left of the tool bar.
5. And you’ll see this:

6. Choose a font and type in a number in the blank of “size”, you can also choose a specific color.
7. Click “apply styles” and then save the whole page. Done.

How to make a table like this?

After going into the editing page, please click "Table".3.png
You can decide the number of columns and rows as you like.


And then you can choose cells you want to merge and click "Merge to the left/reght" .
Finally, you can put information as you like.
Actually, this way may help people get your structure more easily.
Good luck.

Actually, this way may help people get your structure more easily.Good luck.

  • How to change the color of your words?

1. Select the words you want to change color.
2. QQ截图未命名.pngOn the leftside of the toolbar, you can see an icon like this. Click it.

3. Then you will see the image as below. Put your cursor in the box behind Text Color and you can change the color of the words chosen.
The same operation applies to the chaging of the words' background color.

4. If you want different words to have the same color, the picture listed below can help you a lot.
You can choose only one small box to ensure that the colors each time you choose are the same.
5. Finally, click Apply Style and you have successfully changed the color of the selected words.

Effect: Chaning the color of the words can avoid sigularity and contribute to a well-structured essay. And it will also make the readers feel comfortable to read.


1. First of all, make a selection before commenting.


2. Then click the talk-tox, which is the fifth one from left and above the blue exclamatory mark


3. After clicking the talk-box, you will see a yellow area where you can add your comment on the content you have selected.

If you don't want it, just click "Cancel".

One practical tip about when to use Wikispace

Due to China's internet restrictions, most foreign-based websites and searching engines become annoyingly slow. And we always complain about either we can't log in or we can't edit the page. In addition, the majority of us live in dorms and use campus network which is comparatively slow. Therefore after one month trying, I find out if you edit your work in the small hours when everyone else is off-line, the website is fine.


    1. Place the cursor on the position you want to start to type

    2. .pngOn the leftside of the toolbar, you can see an icon like this. Click it.

    3. Press "ENTER" on your keyboard if you want to start a new item. And there is no need to type any numbers.


Effect: Making a number list can provide your reader a clear thingking framework, or operation steps.