a rhetorial strategy and method of writing in which a writer examines similarities and/or differences between two people, places, ideas, or things in order to highlight one of the two or help readers understand their characters. The Macmillan English-Chinise Dictionary defines comparision as the process of considering how things or people are different and how they are similiar.[1]


1.beaches VS mountains

There are many options for people to choose a place in vacation period. I think that the two most common places for taking a vacation are the beaches and the mountains. In summer, the beach offers the sunshine and sports like surfing and volleyball. The mountain is totally different, in which we can climb the mountain.

The purpose of this essay is to contrast the climate, types of activities of beaches and mountains.[2].jpg .jpg

2. MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper is a small car made by BWC. It features with a racing-tuned engine and a closer-ratio gearbox. Unlike the SUV or any other small cars, MINI Cooper saves more oil and performs better. It is fashionable to own it.

The purpose of this essay is to emphasis MINI Cooper by make a comparision with other cars.minicooper.jpgSUV.jpg

3.Comparision Original iPad and iPad 2

iPad and iPad 2 are similar in design. Apple retained the same display used in iPad in the iPad 2 also. However, the new iPad 2 is slimmer, lighter, faster and has more features than iPad. It has got a new chipset, Apple A5 which has 1GHz dual core application processor and more efficient GPU.[4]

organizational patterns

There are two classic organizational patterns of a comparision or contrast essay. One is called block arrangement of ideas; the other is called point-by-point or alternating arrangement of ideas.[2]
Take the Example 1 above for example,one way to arrange your material is to use the block arrangement which is to write about vacationing in the mountains in one paragraph and vacationing at the beach in the next. If you mention a particular point in the mountains paragraph, you must mention the same point in the beach paragraph, and in the same order. Study the following outline, which shows this kind of organization. The introductory paragraph is followed by the mountains paragraph, the beach paragraph, then the conclusion; the fully developed essay is just four paragraphs.[2]block.png
A second way to organize this material is to discuss a particular point about vacationing in the mountains and then immediately to discuss the same point about vacationing at the beach. This is called point-by-point or alternating arrangement. An outline of this organization follows.[2]

Conjunctions you can use in comparision

Short Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
However,In contrast,By contrast,..., but..., yet
On the other hand,even though + [sentence]although + [sentence]whereas + [sentence]unlike + [sentence]while + [sentence]nevertheless,



[1] The Macmillan English-Chinise Dictionary




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