Definition of compare and contrast:

Compare explains how two items are silimar.
Contrast emphasizes the differences rather than the similarities.
Compare:To examine the character or qualities of,as of two or more persons or the purpose of discovering their resemblances or differences;to bring into comparison; to regard with discriminating attention.
Contrast: To set in opposition, or over against, in order to show the diffrences between, or th comparative excellences and defects of, to compare by difference or contrariety of qualities; as; to contrast the present with the past.

Following are some examples:


(Eample 1 : The picture emphasize the significant contrast between the apparences of a women before making up and after making up.)


(Example 2 : This is a game, in which you are suppose to find out the differences between two quite similar pictures.)

( Example 3 : The picture shows the evolition process of human beings.
Compare: They are creatures. They all have two legs, two hand, eyes, mouth, ears and so on .
Contrast : Their minds or brains are different. The earlist ape men were not able to walk only with two legs. Or we could say that ape men walk with four leg since their hands funct like legs. While morden human beings are much more clever and can think complicated things. )

(Example 4:
To Compare and contrast spatulas and cleavers:
Compare : Both spatulas and cleavers could be identified with knives.
Contrast: Spatulas are used to trowel uneven surface,for example, when making cakes.
Cleavers are used to cut meat. )

Compare and Contrast in Writing
Positive and negative contrast is to use symmetrical sentences skillfully in order to express complementary meanings. In that case , appeopriate use of antonyms is often neccesasy.
Once the content is intended to create such a complementary effect, symmetrical sentences and proper antonyms should be used to strengthen the statement.
e.g. Many people will soon find themselves rich in goods, but ragged in spirit. (antonyms : rich and ragged, good and spirit)
The advantages for outweigh the disadvantages. (antonyms: advantage and disadvantage)
They have noticed a grain of truth in the statements, but have ignored a more important fact . ( contrast: have noticed and have ignored, a grain of truth in the statement and a more important fact )
It will have both negative and positive effectc by doing so. (antonyms: negative and positive)
We have friends similar to us and friends different from us. (antonyms: similar and different )

Compare and contrast essay

Compare and contrast essay is a very specific requirement that is catered for almost all topics and subjects. The primary advantage of such activity is to explore
deep into the topic and find the differences among the minute points. The idea is to distinguish the core elements and analyze the fundamental instances of the subject.
The objective of such essay is to make a large scale penetration of the topic and decide its behavior.

The introduction to such a topic starts with the definition of the topic, discussing the facts of the subject and gathering all the background details to its research.
At this stage the manner of illustration of ideas and its process of formulation is also stated so that the reader gets a clear idea of what would follow and the strategy
The body section of the paper takes into account the quantitative aspects of the paper. These primarily deal with the fundamentals of the essay and the comparison among them. Such issues are immature and textual. It is derived from the research
materials and contributes to the preliminary understanding of the subject and differences among them.
The next section corresponds to the qualitative aspects which drills deep into the subject and corresponds to the broader aspects of the subject.
The various differences are hence calculated on the basis of quality, performance, impact and other factors. No numerical aspects are considered at this stage.
Such qualitative comparisons are quite judgmental and present a challenge to the subject in question.

The decision regarding the comparison parameters are judged on the basis of various assumptions and essential criteria’s taken into account in past. Such parameters must be well thought of and some of them are derived logically. Certain assumptions are taken into account for the purpose of comparison of several judgments.
The analysis section summarizes the activities of the entire comparison and contrast of the various elements involved in the paper. This section critically evaluates the conventions followed and derivations that are revealed in the process. All suchsecondarymeasures are taken into account and contributes utterly to the final conclusion and recommendation of the subject.
The parameters and basic ideas followed are checked thoroughly for the purpose of any negative deviations which need to be managed effectively.
The conclusion and recommendations that are to be taken care is one ofthe mostessential characteristics. Such section largely has a say in the entire composition and present the intrinsicattitudeand perspective of the author. Such sections not only present ones views, but in turnrevealthe thought process and analysis pattern of the author. This section discusses the realm of the subject and the substance for the paper.

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