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We live in a new century, a time when speed is king. High-tech devices increase the speed at which we can relay information. Abbreviations, nicknames and other short forms save even more time, as well as space and effort.
My topic is abbreviation.
An abbreviation (from Latin, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. A period (full stop) is sometimes written after an abbreviated word. Usually, but not always, it consists of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase. For example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv. or abbrev.
Let’s see some examples of abbreviation.see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbreviation

Dr Doctor
phone for Telephone

Spaces are generally not used between single letter abbreviations of words in the same phrase, so one almost never encounters "U. S.".
When an abbreviation appears at the end of a sentence, use only one period: The capital of the United States is Washington, D.C.

Abreviation& acronyms

Abbreviations should not be confused with acronyms. An abbreviation is a shortening by any method; an abbreviation may be made either by omitting certain portions from the interior or by cutting off a part;
An acronym is an abbreviation, but an abbreviation is not necessarily a acronym. However, normally acronyms are regarded as a subgroup of abbreviations.
An acronym is usually formed by taking the first initials of a phrase or compounded-word and using those initials to form a word that stands for something. see:http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/abbreviations.htm

There is a difference between acronyms and abbreviations. Acronym is pronounced as a word.
Thus NATO is an acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
FBI, then, is not really an acronym for the Federal Bureau of Investigation; it is an abbreviation.
AIDS is an acronym; HIV is an abbreviation.
SARS is an acronym short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes
familiar institutions —CIA, FBI
countries — U.S.A., U.K.
corporations — IBM, CNN
famous people — LBJ, FDR, JFK, MLK
very familiar objects — TV, VCR, CD-ROM

Abreviation can help Save a lot of time and it is easier for people to write and speak
But we can not abreviate everything
Don't abbreviate the following:
Days of the week or months of the year (in the normal text).
Words at the beginning of a sentence.
People's names : Chas. (for Charles) or Jas. (for James), unless those abbreviations have come to be accepted as nicknames for those particular individuals.
States' names: Mass. (for Massachusetts)
Courses ; econ (for economics) poli sci (for political science)